MadWorld director “interested in making a sequel”

Let’s face it. MadWorld didn’t set the world on fire when it was released on the Wii last year. In fact, most Mature-rated titles haven’t received a lot of love on the Nintendo console. For a console that features a remote ideal for shooting things onscreen and a peripheral called a “Nunchuk,” the Wii and violence have not matched well together. It’s enough to confound the likes of Capcom and Sega. But that isn’t enough to scare away MadWorld director Shigenori Nishikawa from the idea of making a sequel. In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, Nishikawa expressed his feelings on a possible sequel to the mature Wii game.

“I think MadWorld was very well received and was acknowledged for its innovative graphical style and gameplay,” Nishikawa said. “We would definitely be interested in making a sequel in the future.” Despite the vocal frustration from publishers regarding the Nintendo hardcore audience, Nishikawa remains optimistic in cracking that ever elusive core market on the Nintendo platform.