NBA Jam making a return on the Wii

No year can carry through without the resurgence of an old franchise or two. Last year brought back one of arcade’s greatest with Street Fighter IV, and now we kick off this year with an announcement from EA about the return of another arcade classic: NBA Jam.

As with most early announcements, details are slim. One rather surprising bit is that the game is set to be a Wii-only title. Play mechanics will be “true to the original” with “ankle breaking moves to the basket” and “high-flying, backboard-smashing dunks,” though some added game modes will be included as well. The announcement also talks of adding true-to-life body types, emotive characters, and updated physics (hopefully still falling into the “totally unrealistic” category).

No release date either, of course, but the release year is 2010, so odds are we’ll probably be hearing and seeing more about this one sooner rather than later.