Character countdown trivia game for upcoming Sonic title

Ever since the new Sonic game under the code name Project Needlemouse was announced, fans have touted it as a turning point for the series to finally fix major problems it’s had. What has been said to be strictly 2D gameplay is definitely a step in the right direction, but those that want the next Sonic game to star just the blue dude with attitude may be a bit disappointed…or maybe not.

Sega America’s blog has listed 11 possible characters for the speedy new title to host with characters being removed from the running every day this week if the online community can answer some trivia dealing with Sonic games from long ago. Trivia questions will be made available on different sites for each day, such as Sega’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

With Knuckles and Tails being absent but not-so-fan favorites Vector and Chip being possible candidates it seems that Sega might be having a little fun and will remove all of the characters leaving just the main hedgehog himself.  As Sonic fans have learned to do for quite some time, though, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.