James Cameron pursuing games without movie ties, talking with Ubisoft

G4TV recently sat down with James Cameron to talk about Avatar, both the game and the movie. During the chat, Cameron does his fair share of flame baiting by talking about how Halo was really just referencing his work in Aliens and anyone saying otherwise should “pay attention.” Frankly, that is a battle left for another day far away. What we do want to point out in this interview starts at the 2:20 mark, where Cameron starts telling how he might be making games without a movie attached to them.

“I’ve got a lot of stories, and I don’t have enough time to make them all as movies,” said Cameron. “That’s something that I am exploring with Ubisoft, to see if maybe there’s a relationship around just getting some of these story and world ideas into games. Just completely independent of movies, you know? Good ideas and good visuals are exactly that.”

Statements like that really make us wonder what could be in that man’s head. Imagine if the Aliens and Terminator franchises had started as a videogame instead of having their beginnings confined to the silver screen.