More details surface regarding Medal of Honor’s campaign

GamesMaster, a British videogames magazine (and former home of Patrick Moore’s inflated head), have managed to get their hands on an early build of the new Medal of Honor game, delivering an accompanying five-page preview complete with fresh information and screenshots to marvel at. Garnered from this are details that the single-player campaign will move fluidly between the smaller scale ‘scalpel’ missions and larger more chaotic ‘sledgehammer’ missions, with action akin to that associated with the Battlefield series. All of which will take place entirely within Afghanistan during the early years of the conflict, with the player taking on Chechen rebels, amongst others. Reassuringly the controls have been labeled ‘slick and smooth’, with the enigmatic Tier 1 operators input governing authentic weapon handling, character behavior, tactics and more.

Greg Goodrich, executive producer for Medal of Honor, says ‘you’ll be surprised by how some of the enemies respond to you, both in terms of tactics and the weapons they use.’ What this means exactly is open to a fair degree of conjecture, though it might be reasonable to assume that EA will be trying to avoid the familiar spawning waves of soldiers all too willing to throw themselves into your gunfire.