Strange things are afoot at Rockstar San Diego

It’s been a pretty tumultuous few days for developer Rockstar San Diego. First off, we have the sequel for EA Spouse entitled EA Spouse Part Deux: Rockstar Spouses, a collaborative blog post of women claiming to be the wives of disgruntled Rockstar San Diego employees describing the company’s working environment. Odds are, if you can think of something that would make your job be a not very enjoyable one, it’s covered in the article. Cut wages, forced overtime, incompetent management, mandatory Saturdays, and the fear for their husbands’ “quality of life” are just some of the damning accusations levied at the feet of Rockstar.

Further proving that things in life tend to get a little worse before they get better, several “trusted sources” within Rockstar San Diego who wish to remain anonymous have chimed in with their own horror stories. According to them, the future of the Midnight Club franchise is entirely up in the air after a slow dismantling of the internal team for “reasons unknown to most.” Midnight Club: Los Angeles sold an estimated 2.5 million copies over three platforms and was pretty well recieved by critics. A source would go on to say that many of the franchise’s problems stemmed from Rockstar’s home office in New York, which is described as “unstable and needy”, and the planned 5th entry in the series flamed out partly due to New York “not giving us realistic release schedules”.

Oh, and on top of that Red Dead Redemption comes out in late April, which probably isn’t helping company morale.