2010 to be “biggest year ever” for games says Peter Molyneux

Even though Fable creator Peter Molyneux has admitted in the past to hyping up his projects too much, he has stated that 2010 “represents the biggest year ever for both [him]self and the industry.” While this is a bold statement, Molyneux does have a few interesting projects that help to back his claim.

Milo, the highlight of Microsoft’s Natal presentation during E3 of last year, is spearheaded by Molyneux and is expected to launch with the new peripheral in November. And that’s not all the action Natal is getting from the man at Lionhead Studios. Fable III is set to release in 2010 as well and is also expected to feature support from Natal. All of this added together with yet another unannounced project and 2010 does look like it will be a big one for Molyneux.

“If we get to the end of the year pulling off half of what’s on the cards it will be a landmark year for games,” Molyneux said. Landmark year for Molyneux? Likely. Landmark year for the industry? Time will tell on that one.