Aliens vs Predator DLC already in the works

Having held their ground against Australia’s prudish ratings board, Alien vs Predator developer Rebellion can now focus all their attention on crafting equally controversial downloadable content.

“We’re absolutely [working on AvP DLC],” said Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley in an interview with CVG. “We’re discussing things with Sega at the moment. The amount of DLC will depend on Sega’s commercial requirement, but we’d definitely love to do a lot.” According to Kingsley, the team is currently taking a break to come up with ideas to keep the three-way bloodbath thriving until the sequel’s inevitable release.

“We’ve learnt a lot doing this game and we can really build on this and go further than what we’ve done so far,” he said. “You always have to draw the line at some stage and polish what you have, get the frame rate up and get the gameplay working brilliantly. But there are a lot of ideas we came up with that we just couldn’t fit in.”

Considering what made it in – still screaming heads being torn from hapless human marines’ bodies, ruined spinal columns dancing in the breeze – I can’t wait to see what didn’t.