“Overseas Final Fantasy XIII is finally completed,” says Toriyama

Western localisation of Final Fantasy XIII is “finally completed,” according to game director Motomu Toriyama. Revealed in a message posted on the official UK Final Fantasy XIII website, the Square Enix man apologised for “the long wait”.

Toriyama said, “The overseas version was developed simultaneously with the Japanese one as we wanted to ensure that it comes out as soon after the Japanese release date as possible.”

“In the completed Final Fantasy XIII, features which were popular amongst gamers at our survey last summer have been enhanced even further” for the Western release.

“One of those features is characters’ facial animations, which work as the core of any human drama. Their movements are completely synchronised with the English lines and, due to this, each scene in the game is truly spectacular. Another feature to be mentioned is FFXIII‘s new strategic battle system, Paradigm Shift.

“Just like the Japanese version, this system adds elements of real-time actions to the battle, which has been made almost over-the-top, so that the more you use the shift, the more exhilarating the combat becomes.”

Toriyama also asked western fans for patience. “Don’t get distracted,” he said. “You will see the truth when you hold it in your hands. Please be patient a little longer for the ‘day of a battle against the fate’!”

The game’s out in both North America and Europe on March 9.