Red Dead Redemption development rumored to be as troubled as Rockstar San Diego itself

The hits just keep on coming for Rockstar San Diego. After the alleged dreadful working conditions and the confusion over the future of the Midnight Club franchise due to incompetent management, it seems the same “trusted sources” are back once more to stick it to their employer in a whole new way. Today’s discussion on how not to run a videogame development house revolves around Red Dead Redemption, which one source describes as “a complete disaster for most of 2009 and previous”.

The sources would go on, saying that Redemption has been in development hell for six years due to “horrible management/lack of direction due to fear of disrespecting Rockstar NY”, and yet another source says “It will take 4 million sales at full price to recoup the development costs of Red Dead.” Rockstar is said only to be looking to see if the San Diego team can still create a AAA game, as nobody in the company really expects the game to turn a profit.

The one thing that is lost in this whole debacle is that the game actually looks pretty good.