Alleged Max Payne 3 devs next to accuse Rockstar of mismanagement

More and more evidence is starting to mount that working for Rockstar Games might not be as cool as initially thought, as yet another “trusted source” has stepped forward to discuss further finger pointing aimed squarely at Rockstar management. On today’s discussion on how not to run a videogame company, a source claiming to be employed at Max Payne 3 developer Rockstar Vancouver would like everyone to know that “Virtually everything said in the original ‘Rockstar wives’ letter and by current and former Rockstar San Diego employees in the comments applies to my experience at Rockstar Vancouver.”

The source doubts that Max Payne 3 will make its targeted August 2010 release date, as “The game’s story just went through another total re-write earlier this month (the third that I am aware of in the past two years) and that [means] the team would have to have all of the content done by April or May to make that August release date.” The source also accuses Rockstar of cancelling a planned two week holiday vacation time in favor of “14 – 16 hour work days, six or seven days a week”.

One thing to keep in mind in light of this complete mess is that all of the information is, at this moment, instantiated as all of the informants have so far chosen to remain anonymous. However if all of this is true, what does it say about the videogame industry in general that one of its most successful developers is run in a manner such as this?