Are you ready for some… combat?

Uber Entertainment today sent over word about their first game, an over the top class-based third-person shooter called Monday Night Combat. The feel of the game, based solely on the trailer above, is as if Team Fortress 2 and Monday Night Football got married and tried to spice up their love life by having a threesome with the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ‘Running Man,’ during which one of them got pregnant.

Teams, with characters based on six unique classes, will apparently compete for prizes and sponsorships, all meant to upgrade their weapons and defenses for the next battle. Teams can grow their in-game careers with several game modes, like Blitz, where players have to defend a money ball against armies of robots, and Crossfire, which matches real teams on Xbox Live against each other while being supported by waves of robot teammates.

The game looks interesting but, while a completely different game with its own design and gameplay, it will have trouble living down the TF2 clone stereotype until some more footage is released.