Gran Turismo 5 pushes the PS3s power

The long, long, long-awaited driving simulator sequel Gran Turismo 5 will use the bulk of the PS3s processing power, according to creator Kazunori Yamauchi. When told in a recent interview that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves uses around 80 percent of the processor’s capacity, the Polyphony Digital boss revealed: “It is about the same for the PS3, about 80 percent of the processing power. The PS3 hardware has a very high peak performance. The better you manipulate it, the better it performs.”

Comparing the graphics of Gran Turismo 5 to the original, Yamauchi said: “We had maybe 300 polygons in a car in the first game. Now we have about 500,000 polygons in each car. Back then, pieces of the car were more like symbols. Now they are real and reflect light.” Perhaps we’ll all get to see these polygons in action at some point this year, if you believe Yamauchi’s promise that the “release is not too far.”