Special Edition, website and “Four Days” of Heavy Rain

The PS3 exclusive, dark thriller by Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain, is slowly but steadily getting closer to its planned late February release. More and more info is coming out as we approach said date, like for instance, the recently launched Heavy Rain website, which contains what you would expect a site for a game to contain; the story, character info, screenshots, videos, etc. But there’s always one exclusive thing that makes all sites of this type, well, exclusive. In this case, the “Four Days” challenge is it.

As appropriately explained at the PlayStation.Blog, “Four Days” is a live online mystery which plays out in real time across three weeks. You’ll be in the hunt for a killer, interacting with characters, identifying clues, making decisions. Every week, between Tuesday and Friday, tasks and puzzles are given, and exclusive content will not be in short supply. For anyone expecting this to be an enormous spoilorama of a challenge, don’t fret, as European Product Manager Alex Pavey assures us there will be none. All this starting January 26th. And as an incentive for you to sign up in time in order not to miss the start of the hunt, you’ll get a voucher code for a Heavy Rain Home t-shirt. “Heavy” stuff, isn’t it?

As fun as resolving the challenge may sound, we’re pretty sure the hardcore fans of Heavy Rain might want something more than just a mystery and a t-shirt. As mentioned a few weeks ago, the Special Edition box of Heavy Rain will pack some rather cool content, like day-one access to its first Chronicles DLC, the official soundtrack and a dynamic XMB theme for your PS3.

As for ourselves, our opinions on Heavy Rain split, radically. Some of us can’t wait for it, while others are wandering in skepticism. The demo will undoubtedly make the difference.