7 days around the MMO world / January 17

We’re only a few weeks into the 2010 calendar year and we’re already off to a good start in the way of MMOs. There has been a plethora of news to discover and in just a couple weeks on Feb 1. the new sci-fi MMO Global Agenda will be hitting our computers. Being so close to the launch of the game, the PR push for it has ramped up which gives us this wonderful launch trailer.

From the looks of it Global Agenda might be the game to fill the void that Tabuala Rasa left in players’ lives. While there appear to be obvious similarities between the two, Global Agenda appears to be more action packed. The gameplay the trailer shows is full of high paced fighting both melee and ranged and loads of over the top effect animations. We’re hoping that Global Agenda can be the premiere sci-fi MMO and do what Tabula Rasa just couldn’t seem to do.

We’ve been waiting for some solid footage to come out of Star Trek Online showing the inter-ship portion of the game. Lucky for us a duet of videos have come out showing basically every facet of the game. The videos show a player going through the stater areas of the game complete with character creation. We don’t want to reveal too much as you might want to save it for when you play the game, but lets just say there might be a certain cube like ship involved at some point. Beware that watching the videos will spoil the starter area of the game, so if you want to save the experience, then we suggest not watching the videos below.

If you happen to watch the videos and decide that Star Trek Online looks so awesome, then you might want to consider going after the lifetime subscription that’s now being offered. Along with the lifetime — be it yours or the game’s — access to the game, players who order the lifetime subscription will get 2 additional character slots along with a playable Borg character. The lifetime subscription will set you back a staggering $239.99 but if you intending on playing the game for a long time, it could work out to save you money. Just not that if you’re set on getting the lifetime offer you’ll need to do it before Feb 1.

There has been an interesting new feature that will be coming to Champions Online at some point in its future that will focus around secret identities, although we’re not sure how they’ll work or what benefits it could possibly have. Unfortunately it appears that Cryptic and Bill Roper are not quite ready to discuss the new feature, but at the least confirm its existence.

When an MMO fan site asked Roper about the secret identity mechanic, he responded, “We’re in the early design stages of this feature, so I’m not ready to talk about it. One of the things I have learned about communicating ideas is that once it’s in an interview, it becomes gospel no matter how much you qualify it as being “mere ideas” or “discussions.” What I can say is that we want there to be a reason you’re in your secret identity – for it to have a true game play effect so that it has real meaning.”

In other MMO news:

  • Dungeons & Dragons gets ready for their next update.
  • The patch notes for Lord of the Rings: Siege of Murkwood have been released.
  • The second phase of Fallen Earth’s graphic update has been rolled out.
  • Korea rules that virtual currency can be sold for real currency, we’re all doomed.
  • Lego Universe gameplay footage brings out the child in all of us.