Dragon Age will come to… age a year out

Fernando Melo, the online producer for Dragon Age: Origins has high hopes for his title this year it would seem. According to him, it will take about a year for the game to “come of age,” in more ways than one. Once we’ve rolled back round to the game’s release date then we’ll finally be able to see “all the pieces start to weave together,” which will be achieved through the release of more DLC, like Return to Ostagar, which is having all sorts of issues at the moment.

Not only will the game mature in a content sense however, but also through the modding community, which Melo thinks will start producing some great pieces, “I am fully expecting that we’ll see the modding community releasing some of their best content by then. The Dragon Age toolset and the modding scene for DA will have matured, and that’s something I’m really excited to see the results of.”