Jill the focus of new Resident Evil 5 DLC trailer

It didn’t strike me just how much I was looking forward to the new content for Resident Evil 5 until I watched this very trailer. Sure, the 2009 sequel arguably disappointed most fans after the phenomenal Resident Evil 4, but here’s a chance for the series to turn back to its roots, putting a focus on horror.

The first part of this content, Lost in Nightmares, is a playable version of the flashback first seen in the original game, and looks to bring back the scarier side to the game. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine make their way through a mansion eerily similar to that of the original game, encountering many traps and twisted foes along the way. There’s a sense of nostalgia flooding back as Jill creeps down a dimly lit corridor, or lovingly turns a crank.

The second section, Desperate Escape, picks up just after Chris and Sheva Alomar have saved Jill from Wesker’s grasp, staying in line with the rest of RE5 however. In other words, gunz n’ infected all the way. Josh Stone, Sheva’s friend and mentor finds Jill, and the two set about getting the helicopter that Chris and Sheva climb aboard at the end of the game. Yes, that does mean you’ll probably get to see that wonderfully random volcano again.

There’s a glimpse at the new costumes too, where the camera oogles over Sheva. Lost in Nightmares will hit Xbox 360s on February 17th, and PS3s the following day. Desperate Escape will follow a few weeks after on March 3rd for 360 and again the next day for PS3, as well as the costume pack. Don’t have RE5? Then wait for the Gold Edition on March 9th for US, March 12th for EU which includes everything released to date.