Heavy Rain 2 not happening, Cage says

A sequel to the upcoming PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain is not something developer Quantic Dream wants to or, by the sounds of it, is even willing to do. “I don’t want to do a sequel because I’ve said what I had to say about these characters and this story,” founder David Cage told Official Playstation Magazine UK (which gave the game a 9/10 review) in an interview published in their latest issue. “Honestly, I have nothing else to say … I believe that the value of my company lies in its ability to create new IPs.”

That apparently doesn’t mean prequel stories won’t happen though, which is in fact the sole purpose of the recently announced post-release Heavy Rain Chronicles downloadable content. “The game tells a full story, nothing is missing from it,” Cage tells those who may be wondering why the DLC isn’t on the disc. “The approach to DLC was to say, let’s work on prequels. What led the characters to be who they are in Heavy Rain? What happened to them before?”