Hellgate: London back online in NA and EU soon(-ish)

Hellgate: London hardly set the world ablaze when it was first released; marred by numerous bugs and lofty expectations of being a true successor to Diablo II. Following the game’s reception, it wasn’t long before things cooled on the Hellgate front. Soon after, in the wake of developer Flagship Studio’s closing, the replacement servers provided by Namco Bandai were taken offline last year, seemingly for good. Until now.

After a myriad of legal complications (mostly involving publishing rights) HanbitSoft, a Korean online gaming publisher, intends to open the doors to Hell and Hell-themed grinding once again. Namco Bandai are fully onboard with London‘s online relaunch and “are deeply gratified to allow HanbitSoft to take the lead on this franchise and bring this game to the people who seek it,” according to Zack Karlsson, senior director of business development at Namco Bandai Games America.

HanbitSoft plans to bring Hellgate: London‘s online capacity back to western shores at some point this year, after expanding to China, Taiwan and South East Asia first.