Up next, Guitar Hero: Megadeth?

Megadeth may be the next band to get a Guitar Hero game of their very own. And that may not be all; while answering fans’ questions on the band’s official site, frontman Dave Mustaine said that Activision and Neversoft have offered the band ‘a new, over-the-moon creative idea’ that goes beyond a box set.

“I have recently had two very important high-level meetings with the people from Activision and Neversoft, and we are talking about a lot of things, but a Guitar Hero box set is not as attractive to me and the people from Guitar Hero as the new idea that they offered me, as the creative stuff that we are talking about is over-the-moon!” Mustaine said, hoping that someone won’t be standing in the way of that idea becoming reality. “I know that there are a lot of really damaging results from our mothership (Warner) having some legal disputes with YouTube and Guitar Hero to name just a few.”