2K didn’t “just shove a multiplayer mode on” BioShock 2

Just because BioShock 2’s newly added multiplayer component was outsourced to Dark Sector-developer Digital Extremes doesn’t mean it’s going to simply be ‘shoved on’ according to 2K’s Melissa Miller.

“Multiplayer is a big part of BioShock 2 and it certainly wasn’t something where we thought: ‘Oh, let’s just shove a multiplayer mode on,'” said the 2K Marin senior producer in an interview with PC Zone. “We went to a lot of trouble [to ensure] that it was something that would fit properly into the Rapture universe and gameplay-wise.”

The multiplayer portion serves as a prequel, taking place during the fall of Rapture as power-crazed test subjects for Sinclair Solutions, the underwater utopia’s premier provider of plasmids and tonics, proceed to use their newfound powers to tear each other, and their doomed from the start society, to shreds.

“While Sinclair is a chief character in the multiplayer game, he doesn’t actually physically show up,” shared Miller. “But his presence is very much felt because citizens of Rapture have enrolled in his ‘Sinclair Solutions Home Consumer Rewards Club’ – this pyramid scheme he started up in order to promise these people new cutting-edge plasmid weapon technology.”

Sure, said cutting-edge technology makes you look like George Hamiliton’s sun-shriveled nutsack, but when your secret underwater utopia starts to go to hell in a proverbial handbasket it’s gonna be worth the shock you get every time you stare into a reflective surface. Especially if there isn’t a set of golf clubs handy.