Possible Xbox/ESPN deal in the works

As today’s consoles move further and further away from being just game machines and closer to becoming total entertainment centers, or whatever you want to call them, it’s not surprising to see communication franchises like Facebook and Netflix sign deals with the big three hardware manufacturers to expand their respective empires.

Now we’re staring to hear about talks between Microsoft and Disney that could lead to ESPN content on Xbox Live. According to the New York Times, the prospective deal could allow sports fans to stream live events that are not normally available on television. It would be also cool if they could make those awesome “30 for 30” documentaries available on demand or allow fans to interact and/or view other popular ESPN shows such as “Pardon the Interruption” or “Around the Horn.”

Whatever the deal happens to entail, it will be another example of the consolidation of media that has been going on ever since the PS2 was able to play DVDs. Who’s to say we won’t have a console with DVR functionality in a couple years?