Alan Wake pre-release demo probably not happening

“Most likely not.” Three little words that can ruin a day in the life of a videogame fan. They can apply to a variety of questions, but this time we are talking about Remedy’s response to the ever present question about a demo for Alan Wake before its release.

Remedy’s CFO, Mike Reini, sat down for a live chat with some fans and, in addition to breaking demo-lover hearts, confirmed some other things that had been left unanswered for inquiring minds. Reini assured fans that the game out have a “conclusive and satisfactory ending,” while the post-launch downloadable content had not passed the “idea stage.”

The much delayed game is slated to hit shelves this spring and, according to Markus Maki, they “have a specific date. It will be announced in the near future.” Any guesses as to when Alan Wake will see the light of day? Let the search for special day and date combinations in the spring begin.