Earth may be featured in future Mass Effect 2 DLC

It seems like whenever we talk about any BioWare game these days it’s all about the DLC. Today is going to be no different as Casey Hudson from BioWare discussed the possibility of Earth making a featured appearance in Mass Effect 2 DLC in a recent interview.

When asked whether or not players would be able to visit Mars, Venus or even Earth, Hudson responded, “They’re there in the galaxy map, but currently they’re not it’ll be like Mass Effect 1 where you don’t land on any of them; in Mass Effect 1 you can go to the moon on some of your missions. So I think there’s potential for that in some of the downloadable missions for the future.”

We’re interested to see how the story arc will play out to include missions on Earth. Needless to say getting a chance to visit the third rock from the Sun in the context of the Mass Effect story line should prove interesting. We can expect that it will be much more than involved than visiting Earth’s Moon in the first game, which was pretty insignificant.