Irrational Games to reveal new game this year

What better way to reintroduce your company after a name change than to slap the public in the face with an entirely new project? It worked for Nintendo, formerly known as the Marafuku Company and later the Nintendo Playing Card Company, and Google, previously known as BackRub; so it has to be a good thing when Irrational Games talks about announcing their new project so shortly after changing their name from 2K Boston.

Ken Levine, Irrational’s co-founder and creative guru, has said that the company’s latest project will be revealed later this year. Saying a lot without saying anything at all, Levine admitted that this is “the year we’ll start talking about stuff, and we stop hiding behind the iron curtain of secrecy.”

No details or dates were given, but from Levine’s previous comments we can deduce that it will probably be a shooter and it will be a “big project” with more “ambition” than any before. That’s a bunch.