The other Italian videogame hero

Old school gamers will probably recognize more than a few faces from Mike “Mazeguy” Perrucci’s Hitler’s Revenge, the best NES game that never was, but nothing in Super Mario Bros., Bubble Bobble, Duck Hunt, Mega Man, Kid Icarus or Zelda can hold a candle to a spectral Snake Plissken!

The Ghost of Kurt Russell is but one of many zany characters created for this fake game at the heart of The Challenge, a film about “a game that is so unfair, so impossible to beat, that the programmers didn’t even bother creating a second level” explains Perrucci on his website. “The story was all set, but there was just one thing missing: the game. That’s where I joined the project … I got to work making levels, characters, and enemies. I’d need to make enough for about 25 animations sprinkled throughout the movie of the hero dying in the most ridiculous ways imaginable.”

Except for the death by fear of mimes – Metamfiezomaiophobia’s all too fucking real.