Become the Origami Killer in Heavy Rain Chronicles

David Cage has revealed more details on Heavy Rain‘s episodic downloadable content, Chronicles.

Speaking to (via a Eurogamer translation), the Quantic Dream boss said one of the episodes will allow players to take control of the game’s antagonist, the Origami Killer. Cage promises that the DLC will reveal the serial murderer’s motivations.

Another episodes will be based on FBI profiler Norman Jayden, revealing how he got his scar and how he became addicted to prescription psychoactive drug Triptocaine.

Photographer Madison Paige features in another of the Chronicle. Following Paige as she investigates a taxidermist, it’s the scene that debuted at the Leipzig Games Convention last year. Apparently, it will reveal why she can’t sleep, too.

According to Cage, The Heavy Rain Chronicles will come in at around an hour each. Each serves as a prequel to the events of Heavy Rain, revealing the characters’ backstory. Presumably, the other two protagonists Scott Shelby and Ethan Mars, will also feature in their own Chronicles, but no details have been revealed yet.

Heavy Rain is released in the U.S on Feb. 24, Europe Feb. 25, Australia Feb. 26, UK and Ireland Feb. 27.