Bungie likens Halo: Reach to Titanic

No, Master Chief and Cortana won’t be fogging up the windows of a velvet-lined town car anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped Halo: Reachs creative director Marcus Lehto from likening the prequel to James Cameron’s melodramatic masterpiece.

Reach is like Titanic – we know the end from the beginning. Reach is going to fall and 700 million people are going to perish as a result,” he said in an interview with Edge. “It’s a very dark story to tell, and our goal is to allow the player to experience Noble Team’s efforts and get satisfaction from them continuing to fight forward and achieve the final acts of what we can’t talk about today. That success is what’s so gratifying at the end.”

After Halo 3‘s stirring live action media blitz, we all know Bungie can bring the drama like no other studio, even if our favorite Spartan doesn’t end up losing his heart to a sensitive stowaway aboard a doomed luxury liner.