Halo: Reach may upset hardcore fans

Hardcore Halo fans beware. The way Bungie’s most ambitious Halo game yet, this year’s Halo: Reach, tackles the source material may upset a few. “There might be certain things the hardcore fans will take issue with,” Executive Producer Joseph Tung has told Edge, “but there will be other things that will make them absolutely delighted.”

Creative Director Marcus Lehto did assure that Bungie’s being “very sensitive to the Halo canon” though and that they’re careful “not to be stomping on the Halo timeline.”

“We’re playing to the events of the book, and while it’s not the gameplay version of the book, that story is taking place in the background. We’re following one isolated part of what’s happening on Reach.”

The ultra-violent, serious game is expected this fall. And much is expected of it.