Resistance, Killzone, and MAG “cater for different audiences”

With the arrival of MAG on PS3 next week, Sony will have three FPS titles exclusive to their console. Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 sparked a friendly rivalry last year, and now Zipper’s huge online shooter has entered the fray. We asked Scott Rudi, senior designer on the game how he saw it stacking up against the other two at the MAG 256 event in London yesterday.

“I hope we all do well, I think we kinda cater for different audiences. There are different reasons for people to like different things about each game. I think we’ll stack up well against anyone on the market.” Both Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 received critical acclaim when they released a while back, so Zipper are obviously confident about obtaining similar praise.

But does Zipper share a good relationship with fellow devs Insomniac and Guerrilla? “I would call it an excellent relationship, yes.” Good to see everyone can play nice, then.