Why Sam Fisher almost lost his voice

Imagine, if you will, a world in which everything was all topsy-turvy; the sky is green, the United States follows the metric system, and Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher has the voice of Screech from Saved By The Bell. It is not a pretty picture at all, we know, but, had Michael Ironside gone with his first instinct when approached to voice the upcoming installment, Sam’s gravely gullet could have belonged to someone else.

“I wasn’t interested in doing it because structurally the way the character was built was that I thought ‘I don’t want to do this,” growled Ironside when talking about Ubisoft’s efforts to lure him back to the sound studio. “And Ubisoft asked what was wrong and I said ‘Well, he is too monochromatic. There isn’t enough humanity in the character. There is no conflict underneath his decisions.'” Thankfully the developer finally won Ironside over by showing him “a fresh look at the character and a new way of doing things and the new artwork.”

We’re so glad Ubisoft kept the original voice in place, what could be worse than watching the credits roll and seeing Sam Fisher being voiced by Urkel? shudder