Step into the awesomely deranged mind of Suda 51 in this developer diary for No More Heroes 2

I learned three things that I had forgotten previously but was reminded of after seeing this developer diary for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. The first being that No More Heroes 2 looks freakin’ sweet, and the graphics have definitely received a fairly substantial face lift since the last game. The second piece of rediscovered information is that Suda 51 (or Goichi Suda if you prefer) is a card carrying lunatic, and god bless him for it. Find me another guy in the videogame industry you would rather party with then Suda after watching the above video.

Lesson #3 is that No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be available to add a much needed dose of bonkers into a Wii near you January 26th, which leaves five days to finish the first game and round up $50. Keep digging through that couch, as you’re bound to find something.