Fourth title in BIT.TRIP series to be a rhythm platformer

For those that have actually beaten the three brutally difficult BIT.TRIP games and are craving some more, Gaijin Games has revealed some information and screenshots for the 4th entry in the WiiWare series –  BIT.TRIP RUNNER. The game is loosely slated for a Spring release and is said to be a rhythm platformer similar to the first PlayStation’s Vib-Ribbon that was only released in Japan and Europe.

Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games stated that the upcoming downloadable title will feature more than 50 levels and will have the player progressing through stages as Commander Video, the series’ main protagonist. As with the previous games, music plays a big part in the way you interact with the level, albeit not as direct as the gameplay found in the 2nd and 3rd games CORE and VOID. The game will also feature additional, non-playable characters as well as fan submitted art.

While not much else was revealed about the gameplay, if it follows the example set by Vib-Ribbon. Gamers can expect to run from left to right while different environmental hazards are avoided by pressing certain buttons at specific times, all while matched with an accompanying soundtrack. Given the other titles released so far by Gaijin, this title is sure to have its own unique qualities as well.