Just Cause 2 makes movie directors out of PS3 owners

Remember playing Just Cause, jumping out of an airplane, parachuting to the ground, sniping bad guys as you fell? We do too, but hated trying to tell our buddies what was going on or how we managed it just so perfectly. It’s one of those stories that we knew we shouldn’t have started because it’s impossible to convey just how awesome the sight was, yet are too far along to just stop and walk away. Yeah, we’ve been there and apparently, so has developer Avalanche Studios who has the power to make sure that never happens again. Well, with Just Cause 2 anyway.

Their publisher Square Enix announced today that the PlayStation 3 version of their upcoming open-world action game will have an exclusive in-game video capture feature. Now, if we have another moment that just cannot be put into words, we can simply turn on the game’s video capture and the last 30 seconds of gameplay will auto-magically be recorded to the PS3’s hard drive, ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

Seeing that there may be people who want to do a bit more that garner a half-minute of fame, Just Cause 2 will also have a full 10 minute capture option that’s perfect for the aspiring machinima director or walkthrough creator. The best user-created videos will also have the chance to be linked to the official website, allowing users to vote on their favorites with the best getting prizes.

With Just Cause 2 releasing for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Games For Windows in March, this could possibly be a decision maker. All things being equal, if we have the chance to create movies of our crazy antics for all our friends to see, then we would probably choose the Steven Spielberg route – now we just need some friends and everything is settled.