Mass Effect 2 DLC delivery clarified

BioWare’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk has cleared up possible confusion regarding the way different types of downloadable content will be delivered to Mass Effect 2. The in-game DLC portal that was announced earlier in the week, The Cerberus Network, will be used to deliver news and additional free content to the game; like the missions and items that will be available on day one for example. But while BioWare will “definitely have for-pay DLC down the road too,” as Zeschuk told Joystiq, paid content will still have to be bought through Xbox Live Marketplace or BioWare’s PC service. “It’s not going to be all free DLC for Mass Effect 2 — far from that. There’ll be paid DLC packs, and there’ll be stuff available through Cerberus as well.”

Short and sweet: for free goods keep an eye on The Cerberus Network, all the stuff with a price tag on it will still go through Xbox Live and BioWare’s distribution service.