PlayStation 3 hits 3 million sold in the UK

Time to break out the champagne; the PlayStation 3 has topped 3 million sales in the United Kingdom. Last July saw Sony’s console hit the 2.2 million mark, meaning a further 800,000 units have been sold since then. It’s still behind the competition though, with the Xbox 360 sitting on 3.9 million sales, and the Wii on 6 million. Setting sights on Microsoft might be a realistic goal then, but the Wii is long gone.

This trend carries over to global sales too, Sony still sitting in last place at 27 million units sold, while the 360 sits just above at 39 million units. Of course, the Wii is still way, way out in front with 56 million units. The race is still on, could this year see a serious turn around in the console wars?