DJ Hero series summoning “incredible musicians”

Despite being a bit of a disappointment, yet one of the “best” disappointments, the DJ Hero franchise seems to be here to stay, if Mr. Kotick’s words are to be taken into account. Let alone the announcement of DJ Hero 2. That is why it’s no surprise to read about developer FreestyleGames talking with “incredible musicians” to get involved with the disc-scratching series in the future, in the forms of DLC and sequels.

When approached by CVG, commercial boss Chris Lee of FreestyleGames said they’re “getting lots of requests for specific tracks and artists, so we’ll work hard to explore what we can do. We’re already talking to some of the most incredible musicians on the planet about working together down the line, so who knows what the future holds. As for new features, we’ve had a host of great ideas and requests. Way too many to mention.”

Although these musicians remain anonymous, they’re “incredible” ones, huh? We’re not really sure what to expect here. In fact, we’re speechless.