Left 4 Dead 2 update shuffling this way

As well as working on the obligatory upcoming DLC, Valve revealed on its blog that it’s currently finishing off a couple of updates for zombie blast-fest Left 4 Dead 2. The changes will be available in the coming weeks for both PC and Xbox versions of the game, and affect the Versus mode. The changes are:

Bots. We are adding bots for the Infected team to help out the Infected when they are down a man or two. This will also make 1v1 Versus a bit more fun.

Auto-spawning. We’ve also been experimenting with a solution for auto-spawning in Versus finales. Even though it’s pretty obvious from the L4D forums that EVERYONE LOVES auto-spawning in finales, we figured, what the hell-we’d just go ahead and remove auto-spawning anyway. But before we make any change to Versus we always need to see how the game is currently being played.

Valve go on to explain how the current rate of survival in the Versus finales is around 35 percent, or just under 30 percent if you discount the Concert Finale. Apparently this will be taken into consideration when the auto-spawning is replaced, to keep the current balance.

So, what say you? Are the changes likely to improve the current Versus gameplay, or is this yet more folly on the part of Valve? Or do you simply wish they’d stop messing around with the entire franchise, and get back to making some more Half-Life?