Pre-orders of Bad Company 2 LE include in-game content

We’ve been getting some pretty extravagant limited editions as of late. A mere two months ago, we were treated with a ridiculous – in any and every sense of the word – package containing night-vision goggles to accompany Modern Warfare 2.

Unlike Infinity Ward, EA and DICE are for once giving us a pretty sweet – and most usable – package to go with every pre-order of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition. Bundled with the game will be vehicular upgrades such as armor, firepower and motion sensors, an old-school weapon in the form of M1A1 “Tommy” sub-machine gun, the always dependable M1911 hand gun and even a tracer gun enabling you to shoot magnetic darts at enemy targets, allowing your teammates to rain down the fire and obliterate the hell out of it, even beyond line of sight. So, no real-life stuff, just in-game awesomeness, which is ultimately what we most care about, right?

The even better news is that the limited edition of Bad Company 2 is now available for pre-order on Steam, so if you plan to game on PC and happen to have a Steam account, there’s not reason to sit this one out, even though things might be getting a bit tight in your back pocket.