XBLA and PSN business models: Darwinia+ developer comments on the case

As a small indie developer, you’d like to see your game on both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, if possible. But there’s a path to wander before that becomes a reality. Introversion Software, developer of the soon-to-be released Darwinia+, explains through its Managing Director Mark Morris, that things are very different between Microsoft and Sony as far as approval processes go.

In a recent interview with CVG, Morris explained that “with Microsoft your approval is given at the start, as long as you deliver what you said you’d deliver you’re going to launch, where as it’s not like that with Sony”. He goes on to explain that “Sony’s clearance for launch comes quite later and you have to invest quite a lot of time before you get it. That’s a problem because it means you have to invest a lot of time and effort and then you’re in a much weaker negotiating position because they could turn around and say ‘we don’t want it’.”

While Morris sees coping with Sony’s approval as a “challenge,” he was sure that if Microsoft wasn’t happy with the result, he’d be at the receiving end of a “you need to fix this” comment on their part, which is needless to say, much better than a brutal “we don’t want it.”