Interplay’s Fallout MMO set for public beta in 2012

Despite a slew of tumultuous legal proceedings concerning the Fallout license, Interplay have gone ahead and announced that their Fallout MMO will be open to the public (in beta form) come 2012.

Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios are in charge of bringing the massively multiplayer wasteland to life. Interplay Chairman and CEO, Herve Caen, has expressed his confidence in the team, stating that “Masthead’s technology is impressive and perfect for our Project: V13. Its team is passionate to bring our vision and game play to the market.” Masthead are due to ship their own MMO, Earthrise, later on this year, perhaps giving us a heads-up on what to expect from the Fallout MMO.

Mind you, 2012 is a way away though. A lot could change during the interim, so be prepared for sporadic snippets of information over the next two years. In the mean time, I suppose we could just wait for and then play to completion Fallout: New Vegas, probably multiple times.