Mass Effect 1 choices will reflect in Mass Effect 3

The consequences of your decisions in the first Mass Effect will have implications as far reaching as Mass Effect 3, according to BioWare.

Speaking on the Major Nelson podcast, BioWare CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka revealed that the trilogy will reward players for carrying across their save data, but that the payoff may not come until the final adventure. “Some decisions you made in Mass Effect 1 you might not see reflected in Mass Effect 2 and you’re saying: ‘Ah! Ha! Got those guys. They didn’t reflect the choices I made in the second game,'” said Muzyka.

“But wait till the third game and you might see some surprises. So if you import your saves along the way and you have a continuity of experience going back to the first one, well, we’re going to try and reward the players who do that. It’s going to be very cool.”

In the same interview, BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk expanded on how the team balance the tailored, decision-shaped narratives with an overarching storyline. “The system of storing information is flexible enough to see what resonates, for example in 2, and decide what we want to reflect in 3,” said Zeschuck.

“But the key story beats have been defined along the entire series right from the beginning. What we do in each game is we fill in the blanks between those and pick and choose from among the decisions you’ve made on how we want to do that.”