Battlefield 1943 premium DLC in the works

While the PC version of the micro multiplayer shooter Battlefield 1943 sits in limbo it appears DICE is thinking about releasing some premium downloadable content for the hit redux. In a recent interview executive producer to the Battlefield games, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, was asked about a possible sequel, to which he responded, “We will see more of those in the future? We’ll see, as a franchise, we’re going to focus on the near future but that doesn’t exclude that we can do more of these smaller products in the near future.”

He then went on to explain that rather than producing a full sequel, they’re looking to take smaller steps in the way of DLC, “However, there’s one important piece to this puzzle, and that’s that we need to take care of our products post-launch. We haven’t released any premium DLC for 1943, for instance, which feels like a natural step to take.” So even though the PC version of the game might not make it to computers even before their other game — Battlefield: Bad Company 2 it seems clear that DICE is dedicated to keeping the game fresh on consoles at the very least.