Dead Rising 2 coming this year, to Japan at least

It’s been over four months since we’ve written a word about Dead Rising 2, and that’s because following the late September 2009 media blast known as the Tokyo Game Show — which brought us new videos, screenshots, and more videos — Capcom went totally hush-hush on the title. Until now (don’t get your hopes up though).

According to their fiscal year 2010 game line-up that they’ve shed some light on today, Japanese audiences can expect Dead Rising 2 in “calendar 2010” on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. There’s no mention of a European or North American release and “calendar 2010” could of course mean anything from spring to holiday 2010; though the latter is more likely, otherwise they would’ve probably dated it along with Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV.

So, not much luck on that end. The two new screenshots below that got released today and the fact that Capcom calls Dead Rising 2 a game in the “Zombie Paradise Action” genre must hold at least some redeeming value though?