God of War II could have been a PS3 launch title

God of War II was once considered as a PlayStation 3 launch title, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment’s senior vice president of product development, said in a recent interview with GameInformer.

Despite “many people, including marketing, [suggesting] that maybe it should be moved to PS3,” Yoshida “saw an opportunity for the Santa Monica team to complete their vision for the second game on a platform they totally understood” and stood his ground.

“What I believed was that God of War II would be the best-selling and best game of the year. We had always seen that, at the launch of a platform, the developer has to spend a lot of time becoming familiar with the platform and software tools. Technical issues take up a lot of the development, perhaps leaving less time for really polishing the game. Towards the end of a platform is when you see really great games, after developers really begin to understand the hardware.”

That, Yoshida says, was his argument. And one that gained the support of both the development team and Sony itself. “I have never regretted the fact that we released God of War II on PS2.”