Music game genre isn’t done yet

Despite the many Rock Band, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero bundles gathering dust on store shelves, the music game genre is still going strong thanks to sales of digital songs and software, according to MTV Games’ Paul DeGooyer.

“Certainly, music games have cooled substantially,” said DeGooyer, speaking to the wealth of plastic peripherals that have flooded the marketplace, and subsequently the livingrooms of an increasingly over-saturated audience. “But it’s not as steep a decline as you might think.”

“What’s encouraging for us is that most of those sales were software, meaning people who have Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitars are using those instruments to play a new game,” he explained. “The majority of people are buying software-priced units. That’s a pretty critical piece of the business, going forward.”

While I’ll admit to stocking the digital distribution coffers, thanks to the release of songs from bands, like Vampire Weekend, that will never get their own branded entry into the the Guitar Hero or Rock Band series, I still think they’d profit more in the long run if they backed off on the hardware and software releases. A little quality over quantity for a change.