Rail shooters “wouldn’t have sold no matter what platform,” says Silent Hill developer

Many game companies state that there isn’t a market for mature games on the Wii, but the developer for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories begs to differ. Sam Barlow, lead designer at Climax, pins the blame not on the rating but on the genre.

“Without badmouthing people, a lot of the games they’ve been complaining about are rail shooters and a rail shooter wouldn’t have sold no matter what platform you put it on,” Barlow said. “… that’s a niche genre that had its heyday back in the Dreamcast era.” Barlow then went on to state that his team tried to create something that would appeal more to people “who love dark stories, thrillers, mysteries and horror movies” and would remove” the obstacles to those people enjoying this game.”

The latest version of Silent Hill matches these sentiments, having removed all combat and shooting elements from a series that has had these abilities featured in all previous titles. While sales numbers don’t exactly prove this theory correct, it certainly is nice that some developers still have faith in the Wii and continue making games for an older audience.