Top Lionhead devs form new studio, set sights on iPhone gaming

While the good people at Lionhead Studios are busy building Fable III to Peter Molyneux’s exact specifications/hyperbole, three seasoned Lionhead developers have graciously left the studio to form one of their own.

Former Lionhead chaps Mark Rose, Matthew Wiggins and Al Harding have banded together to form Wonderland Software. What they lack in numbers they more than make up for in expertise and ambition, mentioning on their website their aim to become one of the best game development companies in the world. The team also noted that they’ll be “initially targeting the iPhone and iPod Touch,’ making games that are ‘full of charm and wonder, with social interaction at their core.”

Wonderland Software will be teaming up with US iPhone publisher, ngmoco, in order to do what they’ve done best before. Their first title, GodFinger, promising to be a good ol’ fashioned ‘God Sim,’ is currently penned for release on the iPhone and iPod Touch.