Wait, why is there no Bad Company 2 beta on the Xbox 360 again?

A quick recap; Battlefield: Bad Company 2 already had its PlayStation 3 beta and the PC one is about to start. But the Xbox 360 user base has apparently been left out in the cold. Why? We thought we had an answer for that when series producer Gordon Van Dyke said that “it wasn’t a predetermined decision,” not “a personal thing, absolutely not” and that “it was really just logistics”.

Patrick Bach, the game’s Executive Producer, says something different though.

“We had made an exclusive on Xbox 360 for the first Battlefield: Bad Company and we had lots of negative feedback from the PS3 community, so this time we decided to turn the wheel and serving players on Playstation 3,” Bach said recently. So go figure.

“But we always look to make a demo available on all platforms,” which should be out next Thursday, “so the 360 community should not be disappointed.”