Cancelled Fallout tactical shooter unearthed

Until Fallout 3, the series never really made a proper impact on consoles. Previous efforts were often maligned for distilling the Fallout components into a simpler ‘shoot first, have complex dialogue trees never’ style of game. But, it appears as though Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel wasn’t actually the first to embrace this console game design philosophy.

The unfortunately named Fallout Extreme (concept art above) was conceived with the original Xbox in mind. Interplay’s strategy division, 14 Degrees East, were only working on the project for three months before it was eventually pulled at some point in 2000, subsequently making way for the not-so-stellar Brotherhood of Steel as the Fallout series’ first console release.

Extreme intended to take the series in a different direction, opting for third and first-person perspectives with an emphasis on tactical combat. The finale was penned to take place in China, as your rag tag band of wasteland type folk travel across the US, through the Bering Strait and into Russia in a bid to take on the malevolent new Chinese Empire.